MMO Closing

This doesn’t happen very often, but another MMO is closing its doors.  This one is Star Wars Galaxies, and it appears it’s being shut down just before the launch of the next Star Wars MMO.

Hit the link for a short video of a player paying their respects to it until the server ends:


The New Tech Bubble

This article discusses the possibility that we’re in a new tech bubble driven by social networking and the drive to get consumers to click ads.  It has some depressing news in it as well; here’s a choice quote: “The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads…”

Portable Systems vs. Smart Phones

There is a lot of speculation recently about how smartphones are overtaking portable consoles; particularly because of the proliferation of said devices coupled with the relatively cheap cost of games on smartphones.  This article makes the argument that there isn’t much of a place for portable consoles anymore.

One Chance

This is a really interesting game that made the rounds a year or so ago.  It’s a browser based flash game hosted on Newgrounds, and the catch is you can only play the game once ever.  After you finish it once (with one of multiple endings), if you try to load it up to play again, all you see is the ending screen.  It’s also quite depressing.

Computational Thinking through Computing and Music

For anyone that wasn’t at December 8th’s brown bag lecture, the talk was a really interesting way to teach computational thinking to people who aren’t necessarily computer scientists.  They use scratch, a drag and drop programming language, to create music, in addition to making their own compositions and instruments.

Here’s the website about it: