Sonifying Art for Visually Impaired

I want to thank all the class members that used Sketch-A-Song during our recent demo day and provided Eric and I with really great feedback! From our observations, we noticed that people really liked the idea of musical gestures, i.e. seeing how different shapes sounded and working to understand how the speed of their drawing would affect the sound. Individuals also really like to see how their name sounded. This makes sense based on the fact that everyone has a name, so it provides a common point of interest and means of socializing with the technology (NameVoyager also used baby names as a way to engage users and it was very successful).

One unexpected idea that came out of our discussion was using Sketch-A-Song as an assistive tool to help visually impaired individuals create and view art. This is a really exciting idea, and I encourage you all to check out the last section of our paper “Exploring Techniques to Sonify Art with Sketch-A-Song” to learn more about how your ideas helped us come up with a hypothetical design for a really neat assistive technology.



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