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Hey everyone, I am Vishal. I am a first year grad student in computer science.

40th Anniversary of Video Games

Its 40th Anniversary of Video Game Industry according to this blog :


Way to Go!!!!


New Merc,with Danger Detection system

This prototype displays how the car can detect collision automatically way before, and apply auto brakes to prevent it. Besides this it also signals the driver if he is going out of the road, if he is not active, if he missed to check a blind spot etc. Every attempt has been made to avoid collision.


Augmented Reality Browser

Layer is the most advanced browser available till now for Augmented Reality apps. With layer one can do many things both related to Target Based as well as Location Based Augmented Reality. For more info you can visit :

Layer Website

But Tech has developed its own Augmented Reality Browser. This one called Argon, is developed here at Tech by GVU in partnership with GT RNOC. You can download argon here :

Argon Website

CNN video about ARgon with professor Blair
CNN video

Also they have this category of Augmented Reality in the Convergence Innovation Competition 2012
For those of you who are not familiar with this competition, this is the competition that is open to all Georgia Tech students, where they are given an opportunity to develop various commercial applications in different categories. Two winners are selected from each category, and the winners get really cool prizes 🙂

For more info about Convergence Innovation Competition, you can visit their website, as well as they have sample apps from last years winners :
CIC Webpage