In their own words, “Reacktickles are experiential interfaces, by this we suggest that they have no obvious meaning or purpose until the player interacts. Interaction disturbs the ReacTickle, bringing it to life, giving it energy.”

A very different take on games. Read about it here:



Collaborative gaming and autism

A lot of my work for my masters project deals with children with autism. This paper describes an excellent method of trying to engage children with autism in turn-taking and social co-operative behavior through the use of Diamond Touch Table – which can also detect who is touching the table and react accordingly.


I’m a big fan of the term, although not necessarily of the kind of games that usually occur out of gamification. But it’s always fascinating to read about the psychology of gamification – and this is one such article I immensely enjoyed reading that describes gamification on the Foursquare platform.

Foursquare is a location based social networking site, amongst the first ones to start the whole “check in” and “get deals” concept, and badges.


Some more really cool AR games

This is a collection of AR Games I liked the sound (haven’t played them all):
1. Firepower: Burn someone you don’t like!
2. Just a gimmick by Microsoft, but a pretty cool effect: 7. Microsoft AR treasure hunt using bubbles:
3. A basic game showcasing marker based stuff: 1. AR basketball: Print the marker from their site and a hoop appears wherever you place the marker.

A voice only game: Papa Sangre

This is a voice only video game from ‘Somethin else’. The game uses binaural sounds to guide you, and the mission is to get through each level without being caught by a monster. You play the game using touchscreen controls though (which let you control your path, and the rest of the screen is blank). This is their official site:, and these are some reviews:,