Collaborative gaming and autism

A lot of my work for my masters project deals with children with autism. This paper describes an excellent method of trying to engage children with autism in turn-taking and social co-operative behavior through the use of Diamond Touch Table – which can also detect who is touching the table and react accordingly.


I’m a big fan of the term, although not necessarily of the kind of games that usually occur out of gamification. But it’s always fascinating to read about the psychology of gamification – and this is one such article I immensely enjoyed reading that describes gamification on the Foursquare platform.

Foursquare is a location based social networking site, amongst the first ones to start the whole “check in” and “get deals” concept, and badges.


Some more really cool AR games

This is a collection of AR Games I liked the sound (haven’t played them all):
1. Firepower: Burn someone you don’t like!
2. Just a gimmick by Microsoft, but a pretty cool effect: 7. Microsoft AR treasure hunt using bubbles:
3. A basic game showcasing marker based stuff: 1. AR basketball: Print the marker from their site and a hoop appears wherever you place the marker.

A voice only game: Papa Sangre

This is a voice only video game from ‘Somethin else’. The game uses binaural sounds to guide you, and the mission is to get through each level without being caught by a monster. You play the game using touchscreen controls though (which let you control your path, and the rest of the screen is blank). This is their official site:, and these are some reviews:,