About Akshay Atrey

I am a Computer Science graduate student. This is my final semester at Tech. I took this course to learn to create interesting games. I am really interested in designing and creating games for children that would make learning easy and fun for them.

HoliVille: A turn based color combination learning game

Here is the link to our presentation slides and here is the link to our poster.


Why are video games addictive?

LA times reported this interesting research that talks about video games and addictions. The research does not talk about the pros and cons of video games but discusses how video game play can be associated with addictive behavior. 

This article addresses one of the curiosities I always had, ‘Why do video gamers find it so difficult to pause the game and answer the door bell or phone? How some of them can spend their entire time in the microcosm built around their Xboxes, playstations and PCs, sometimes even without sunlight and food?’ 

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Do we really need an Xbox or a Playstation in our living rooms?

A $40 billion market, once dominated by the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony is being challenged by Apple, Google and a startup OnLive.

I have a friend whose Xbox lies packed up in his closet and he spends hours playing on his iPad. I have a 6 y.o. niece who has a Wii and a DS but prefers her dad’s iPad.

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