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Educational Games

I thought this game was cute, it’s made to teach you how to play guitar similar to how mavis beacon taught us how to type. It especially impressed me that it is meant to be coupled with an acoustic guitar rather than a guitar hero style game.



Storytelling as a game mechanic

Interesting article about a new game “To the moon” which tells a story in reverse as a game mechanic (goal of the game is to determine why the end state of the story is how it is). It reminds me a little bit of Braid.


Have you heard of Kickstarter?

It’s a great website where you can fund your own game or pledge to someone else’s! (Works for art, music, ext as well). I’ve been looking at this game http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1325766284/d-day-dice-board-game in particular, though I’m not sure if there’s enough strategy to the game. It almost seems like you have to play one way or else you lose which irks me. Anyway there’s a test board you can print and play if you’re interested if not find one you like and pledge!