To Sketch A Predator

Why don't you have a seat, there.

The Big New Thing was multi-touch, back when I embarked on my grail-quest for a MS in CS at Georgia Tech in Fall 2009 […yikes?]. Microsoft claims that the Pixelsense technology driving it’s Surface 2.0 will be as affordable as an LCD display, given sufficient time. In the interim, I expect civilization to collapse once or twice.

here’s a [pdf] link to our work-in-progress-but-also-kinda-final paper.

The project is called Sketch-A-Song, designed in collaboration with Nicholas Davis (PhD Human-Centered Computing in-progress). If you have a chance to work with Nick (or even grab coffee), do. From the research perspective, he understands the importance of having a strong theoretical basis before setting out to build something, which I found to be a healthy counterbalance to my mindset of: “plug everything in and see where it takes us”, a methodology I liken to that of the average housepet — urinate on everything.  From the non-work perspective, it’s just good fun to discuss theories of creativity, cognition, the arts, and Lisp programming while sipping a pure Columbian roast.

Our technology stack includes Java + Processing + Clojure + Overtone, with the Open-Sound Control protocol serving all of our communication needs. Very soon to come: integration with tangible objects for selective performance and composition of musical components. Have a safe and happy Winter Break, and look for us in 2012.


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