The jigsaw puzzle I designed

I applied the common jigsaw puzzle ideas into a smart game of two players, which challenge the capability of graphic comprehension. e host places 8 pieces as an outline of his target pattern. And he writes down his idea on one piece of paper.

2 the guest makes a guess based on that, and place the pieces depend on his guessing, then the host will give a judge about that, right or wrong, the guest need to try somewhere else until the host say ”right”.

3 the host give another piece. And the guest try to guess again, if the guest feel confident to get the answer he can say it out, and the host will give him comments, right or wrong. If the guest is still not sure about the answer, he will get going with the pieces placing based on the hint from the host.

4 the guest need to figure out the right answer with three times of guessing, or both the host and the guest lose the game.

5 also time count for the score of this game.