About ramcha6

I live in Silicon Valley, and would love to work on Consumer products.

Pecha Kucha slides

Here’s a link to my team’s pecha kucha slides.


We did a SWOT analysis on the game Bohnanza, a bean planting strategy game.

Team members were Himani, Tejas, Hari and Ramcha



Video Games replace gyms ?

We all know about the latest rage among gamers. Avoid going to the gym, make up for it by exercising via a cool video game on Microsoft Kinect or the Nintendo Wii. But how will this work in the long term ?



Ever heard of World Without Oil ? Its an extremely popular alternate reality game from a few years back.

Alternate reality games involve imagining that you are in a alternative reality.. in this case, people were put into a world in the middle of an oil crisis. The aim of the game was to spread awareness about green techniques for doing things..