Final Submission

If anyone is interested here is my paper and poster and original pecha kucha from the showing.

pecha kucha


Same Game / Ruby

And another thing I work on in my spare time is open source development.

I’m currently helping on working on ruby bindings for SFML.
SFML (super fast multimedia library) is a library that abstracts out things like networking, graphics, and sound and is designed to be easy to use and fast. It outperforms SDL and in my opinion has a much better API. SFML can be used with C/C++ but you can use it with other languages via bindings.

One of the things I did to test the bindings is to write a simple game called Same Game. For the rules look here

This library can be useful for rapidly prototyping games in ruby.

Here is a download link if anyone is interested.

Panels Editor

Another mini project I worked on.

A tetris attack puzzle solver.  If you don’t know the game Tetris Attack here are the rules Tetris Attack. basically its not a tetris clone. You swap tiles around to form matches of 3. In puzzle mode you have only a certain number of moves and you must clear the board.

Here is a screenshot and a download link. (Requires Ruby to run).



I recently purchased this game on my Nintendo 3DS via the e-shop.  It was about $7 and so far its been worth it.  The game is called freakyforms and it lets you create your own creature called a “formee”.  After creating your formee you get to explore and do quests and find treasure. You can also share formees via streetpass (If you are around another person with a 3ds with the game data gets transferred).

Here are some of the formees I’ve created.  IF you have the game yourself you can use the QR code to get them. Also I’m horrible at naming things.





Bat racket


RPG Makers

Most of my early programming work was done with RPG Maker XP.

RPGs are my favorite genre of game (other than puzzles).

There is a newer one that has been released in Japan VX Ace a couple of days ago (3). I don’t know if it will be available in the US typically they have translated them.

The good thing about these game engines are that they abstract out a lot of details, such as character design and map making and provide a lot of artwork for you to use rather than code all of this up by hand.  The interface are easy to use.

To code you use Ruby which is an easily language to quickly pick up.

I don’t play around much with RM anymore, but I thought this was interesting to share.