About mikhailjacob

Hi. I am a first year graduate student doing a Masters' in Computer Science and specializing in Interactive Intelligence. I love music, especially metal and progressive rock (among various genres). I am a drummer (slightly beyond amateur) and had my own college band back in India. I am extremely interested in how systems can be creative and how game/virtual worlds can be used for research into intelligent systems. I love traveling and look forward to exploring as much of the US as my student budget permits. :D Cheers!

Final Submission


Evolution!!! This is it folks. The final stage of our evolutionary project. Below are the presentation, poster and report.






Just “discovered” a music exploration site that lets you pick a mood combination and play songs appropriately. You can pick genres and refine your preferences on the radio service. That got me thinking, how does one judge musical mood from a piece of music? A brief google search showed up lots of research in that area as well as several societies and contests. So then the natural question was whether people are using this in music generators. Not much success this time. Startup time, people!!! Though I did find a BRILLIANT generator that works on cellular automata.

Musicovery LINK: http://musicovery.com/

Wolfram Tones LINK: http://tones.wolfram.com/generate/