Interactive Art that Inspired Sketch-A-Song

There were two interactive art pieces in particular that Inspired Eric and I when we were designing our project, Sketch-A-Song. These artworks can be found at and is a program where moving balls cross lines and play a note proportional to their length. If the user’s cursor is close to the moving ball, the balls gravitate toward the cursor and change the Baroque music compositions that are being played. In this artwork, there is a composition and the user’s interaction alters and updates the compositions. shows a grid where the user can click and drag in order to highlight portions of the grid. At each beat, a vertical line consisting of an entire column of the grid moves horizontally across the screen. When that column crosses a highlighted cell, it plays a note corresponding to the height of the cell.

Inudge features a simple repetitive music composition wherein the notes are musically tuned to make the resulting composition sound harmonious. uses classically composed musical scores with nuances created through mouse position. In the user has less control over the musical output, but the sound is more complex and interesting, whereas in Inudge, the sound is simple and repetitive, yet more user generated.

From these examples, we concluded that we wanted to have the potential for complex sound, but we also wanted the visual artistic experience to be central. In both of these examples, the visual aspect was secondary to the actual functionality of the program. We wanted this visual component to be primary and complemented by complex and beautiful compositions.


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