Kinect for Education

Teaching kids how to program has been a huge area of research, and some of the more interesting products in this area include Scratch ( ), Lego mindstorms, Alice.
I had conducted some workshops to teach young children (7-10 year olds) how to program using Scratch, a drag-and-drop way of programming. One of the biggest problems I noticed was that children hate just sitting in front of the computer all the time. Especially children that young like to move and run around, and I noticed this when I used an experimental method called Scratchlets () to introduce them to Scratch.
Thinking along those lines, I was wondering how to use the Kinect to enable children to interact more naturally after writing their codes in Scratch, thus providing a better incentive for them to stick with it and keep learning. While doing some research, I came across this awesome product that does exactly that: they have used the Kinect SDK and tapped into Scratch to let end users create games in Scratch using sensor information obtained from the kinect.
Check out the video, it’s pretty cool!
Link to video:


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