Casual vs Hardcore Design

Designing for Casual and Hardcore at Once

Here’s an article about Damion Schubert’s talk on the casual and hardcore models of games. He wants to end the need for “double coding”, which is where you essentially design a game for two different audiences at the same time. Similar to how many cartoons will contain jokes hidden in them that kids’ parents will get so they won’t be totally bored out of the their skulls.

Not surprisingly, Schubert’s general solution is to hold the player’s hand, walking them from the casual stage to the hardcore stage. Schubert recognizes that this will be a turn off to the hardcore gamers but doesn’t have a solution for it yet.

It seems like Schubert just wants to design a hardcore game and hopefully trap a few “casual gamers” into playing it because he’s going to lose a majority of the “hardcore gamers” due to the extensive tutorials.


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